About Luxe Lumens

We at Luxe Lumens Inc. specialize in architectural lighting design for private residences in the Toronto area. As our name suggests, we are devoted to designing luxurious illumination that brings beauty to light.

Our founder and Principal Lighting Designer is Jorge Ramirez de Aguilar. One of his areas of special interest is the optimal lighting of fine art.


Jorge graduated from Ryerson University’s Program in Lighting Design in 2004. This is the only Canadian university program accredited by the Illuminating Engineering Society. Open primarily to degree-holders from disciplines such as Architecture or Engineering, it consists of 336 hours of academic and practical courses.

Jorge also holds a B.Eng. degree in Electrical Engineering recognized by the University of Toronto as equivalent to a first-class Canadian degree. His thesis consisted of the design of a municipal lighting system, including electrical infrastructure such as high-voltage substations, which ultimately was built to his design and specifications.

With his years of experience at a leading Canadian commercial lighting agency, Jorge is conversant with a complete range of high-end architectural lighting products from a wide array of manufacturers from Europe and North America.

He is delighted to work directly with homeowners to help them achieve their lighting aspirations. Jorge is likewise pleased to collaborate on residential projects with professionals such as interior designers, architects, contractors and consulting engineers.