Our spectrum of services

Luxe Lumens offers a comprehensive range of services for residential interior and landscape lighting. We also have a special interest in the optimal lighting of fine art. We do more than just serve as lighting consultants. After designing your lighting plan and specifying fixtures and lamps, we can source the fixtures and arrange with licensed electricians and contractors for installation.

Before creating your lighting plan, we will:

  • evaluate your existing lighting
  • review your existing (or planned) architecture and interior design
  • familiarize ourselves with your personal style
  • learn your relevant needs and desires
  • identify pertinent constraints (technical, esthetic, regulatory and budgetary).

Working within those constraints, and sensitive to your personal style, Luxe Lumens will custom-create a lighting plan that will meet or exceed your objectives. This will include:

  • preparing a layout (as necessary)
  • specifying and sourcing appropriate
    • light fixtures
    • accessories (e.g. lenses, louvers, filters, reflectors, coatings, dimmer switches etc.)
    • if requested, control systems.

Optionally, Luxe Lumens can run detailed 3D simulations of proposed lighting layouts, enabling us to accurately predict the intensity of illumination at any point(s) in the room.

On request, Luxe Lumens can also:

  • bring samples of proposed fixtures to your home
  • prepare mock-ups to give you a clear idea of what the proposed design would look like and the quality of light it would produce
  • design and implement a control system to make your lighting more flexible, responsive, and efficient
  • arrange with licensed electricians and contractors for installation of the lighting system, including applicable electrical work and implementation of control systems
  • review condominium documents and, if needed, prepare applications for approval by the condo board

As well, if you have an inspiration for a one-of-a-kind fixture, we can help make your idea a CSA-approved reality by working with you to create plans and specifications for fabrication by a custom lighting manufacturer.