How great lighting will improve your home

You have selected your residence and furnishings with care, to create a comfortable, stylish, functional home that reflects who you are. Over the years, you have collected artwork that resonates with you and delights your eye.


03 Dietrich - Stage Fright 1950

Marlene Dietrich knew the power of great lighting. She insisted on being carefully lit by true experts.

Luxe Lumens will give the star treatment to your home and your art, bringing beauty to light.

(Still from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1950 Warner Bros. film, “Stage Fright”).



05 Angels in America

Theatre-goers appreciate how excellent stage lighting helps evoke emotion. Although the dramatic intensity of theatrical lighting probably is not what you seek in your home, great residential lighting design nevertheless can help you subtly set the desired mood.

(Still from HBO Films’ 2003 televised mini-series adaptation of Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America”.)

You already have adequate lighting. However, you may be unable to enjoy your home's full potential because it lacks great lighting.

Great lighting — designed and specified by Luxe Lumens — will:

  • enhance the beauty, comfort and functionality of your home
  • complement the interior design
  • bring out architectural details
  • reveal nuances of colour and other subtle aspects of your art and textiles
  • help you set the desired mood
  • be flexible and responsive to your changing needs.

To achieve great residential lighting requires:

  • a sophisticated esthetic sensibility
  • creativity
  • technical knowledge
  • an understanding of the ergonomics of vision, such as how vision changes with age, factors that affect perception of colour and brightness, and how blue light affects circadian rhythms
  • awareness of the plethora of lighting options available, their attributes, and how to source them
  • an appreciation of the various functions a particular space will serve
  • a real sensitivity to the homeowner's personal style and design aspirations.

Uniform brightness may be optimal in a warehouse, but adjustable, layered lighting, with a mixture of lighting sources, generally better serves a personal living space. Shadow is not always the enemy: having some shadow is necessary to appreciate the light, to discern texture, and to help define the space.

The question is: What particular light fixtures, in what three-dimensional arrangement, and with what accessories and control systems, would best meet your illumination needs and desires? Luxe Lumens will devise the optimal lighting plan for your home and art collection. We will, of course, tailor our designs to meet your budgetary and technical constraints.

Lighting options have greatly expanded in the last few years. Exciting technical and design innovations in luminaires and light sources have improved the esthetic range of illumination possibilities, while also making it easier to be green through greater energy efficiency. Things like luminous flexible membranes, infusion modules, extreme miniaturization and programmable colours are no longer the stuff of science fiction. More traditional fixtures have also benefitted from technical innovations. Even the choice of lamps (commonly known as “light bulbs”) can also be a surprisingly important factor in determining the quality of light. Luxe Lumens evaluates innovations not for their novelty factor, but rather from the standpoint of whether they will help achieve our objective of ensuring that your home has great lighting.