Seeing Your Design

Luxe Lumens can create a detailed 3D model of the proposed lighting layout, so you can see how your design looks — and how it performs — before you commit to it.  We use specialized lighting software to:

  • iteratively calculate the resulting lighting, so we can quickly identify any hotspots, glare, unwanted shadows, and underlit areas
  • create a realistic 3D rendering, viewable from any angle
  • measure the intensity of illumination at any desired point in the space, to ensure optimal brightness

This entails creating a detailed digital model of your space, including:

  • room dimensions
  • architectural features
  • dimensions, placement, colour and reflectivity of:
  • major furnishings and appliances
  • walls and ceilings
  • flooring (including tiles, wood, laminates, carpeting and area rugs)
  • large-scale artworks
  • dimensions and placement of:
    • large-scale mirrors
    • windows

For the light fixtures under consideration, this also entails:

  • obtaining and, if necessary, modifying the pertinent photometric files
  • three-dimensionally positioning each fixture in the model